Celiac Disease and Low Thyroid vs. Fibromyalgia

The following two conditions have some of the same symptoms as fibromyalgia, and therefore could be mistakenly diagnosed. Celiac Disease Eating foods containing gluten—such as wheat, rye, or barley—can trigger a range of health problems for people who have celiac disease or a sensitivity to gluten. An estimated 1% of Americans have celiac disease, and the […]

Doctors Who Treat Fibromyalgia

A number of specialists treat fibromyalgia, and many people with the condition work with a health care team, rather than a single doctor, to relieve the wide range of symptoms typical of fibromyalgia. A physiatrist may be a part of the medical team that treats your fibromyalgia symptoms. See Physiatrist for Arthritis Treatment In some cases, […]

What You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a fairly common syndrome characterized by symptoms such as muscle pain, painful areas of the body called tender points, and fatigue. The overall extent and nature of symptoms vary widely from person to person, and the symptoms may be chronic or they may come and go over time, sometimes making it challenging to […]

Fibro: What People Don’t See (Infographic)

There’s so much more to fibromyalgia than meets the eye. Below the surface, living with fibro can mean days spent in bed, missed appointments, and alternate days when we seem “fine.” We know that fibromyalgia comes with hundreds of possible combinations of symptoms, many of which appear invisible to outsiders. Most people don’t see the […]

Guaifenesin For Fibromyalgia

One of the fibromyalgia treatment options that have been gaining attention is guaifenesin therapy. Guaifenesin fibromyalgia therapy is said to help alleviate some of the painful symptoms. What is Guaifenesin? Guaifenesin is a common ingredient in various cough syrups. The main purpose of guaifenesin is to treat the congestion associated with common colds. It was […]

Foot, Knee Or Back Pain With Fibromyalgia? (Try This)

A huge 80% of fibromyalgia sufferers have either foot, back, knee or hip pain. Sometimes even all of them. While all kinds of pain are unpleasant, some have a bigger impact on your life. Among these is foot pain because walking is an essential function. Did you know that foot pain usually causes pain to […]

Achalasia In Fibromyalgia

Achalasia is an uncommon disease. In fact, many have not heard of this condition. However, it can cause a lot of pain to those suffering from it. Achalasia has also been associated with fibromyalgia. If you experience swallowing difficulty, chest pain or heartburn, you may be suffering from achalasia in fibromyalgia. What Is Achalasia? Achalasia is […]

Fibromyalgia and Blepharitis

You might not think about your eyes when it comes to symptoms of fibromyalgia-like pain, fatigue, fibro fog etc. There is a fact that people with fibromyalgia also suffer from conditions that affect their eyes. In fibromyalgia sufferers, some conditions like blepharitis are usually very common. You might feel a lot of irritation in your […]

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