My mother has fibromyalgia. This reading made me cry.

This is the story of   Dylan,   a charming and charming child, who saw his mother suffer.

This is the story of the son of    Tiffany Case,   age   of   10 years. His son had a homework assignment to write an article about “a person he knew who has to deal with the daily difficulties and pains.” In the first place, it was an excellent school work that will help the little ones to understand life and face many difficulties. Life is full of ups and downs and, in one way or another, we have to face it.

Dylan is an adorable and charming child who decides to write about his    mother   , who suffers from an invisible disease called    “fibromyalgia”   . Tiffany says this is the first time she’s faced with someone who wants to know about her illness. “People do not like to talk about things that make them feel uncomfortable,” he said. But as you all know, children do not know what to ask and what not to do. What makes them really beautiful because they are pure and innocence wins our hearts.

For Tiffany, it was not an easy conversation (she will argue that the conversation with the child is not easy). And why, because she has thoughts, what should I tell my baby that I have often disappointed in her illness or pain? It’s hard for me to choose the right words to make sense to my 10-year-old son, so he understands my arguments, which most adults do not understand.

I began to tell my story of the last 13 years of misery and pain. I have to hide the tears. It took him almost an hour to explain the harsh reality of this invisible disease. He listens to me, asks me questions and repeats me many times with his beautiful voice: “You are the best mother in the world”.

do you like the letter Do you see children who often understand much better than we usually assume? I know that many of you are struggling to make fibromyaliga from your parents and I hope this letter picks up your motivations and makes you feel that your children still want it no matter what happens and that they understand a lot. more than our imagination. Thanks Tiffany for sharing your letter with your boy and your story.

The struggles of Dylan Shaw.

My wrestling journal will talk about my mother and how she treats her fibromyalgia, my mother calls her Fibro. My mother is 20 years old and now she is 33 years old. “People think you’re lazy and crazy. This has a negative impact on my family and causes pain in all parts of my body, where it is so bad that my hair and nails are injured. ”

The worst thing about Fibro is that there is no cure for that. People with fibro will live with it until the day of their death. It removed my mother’s dreams and the work she loved as a nurse. 9 out of 10 times, my mother does not feel well. Besides the pain, the other two problems are the total lack of energy and the misunderstanding of others. My mother does not spend time with her family and that makes her very sad. If you get sick, you need a little time to improve. But at the end of the day, I will always love my mother and she has spent the last 13 years with Fibro.

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