Fibromyalgia Common symptoms, treatments and Conditions

Pain, fatigue, fibroblast & More By Adrienne Dellwo | Reviewed by a doctor certified by the board The question “What is fibromyalgia?” Is a complicated one that doctors and patients have been trying for decades to answer. Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that causes intense pain throughout the body, as well as a host of other […]

How To Cure Hyperpigmentation Naturally

Hyperpigmentation, which is also called melasma, is a skin condition that darkens some part of the skin. This makes the outward appearance of the skin sketchy, dry and uneven. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to treat. What Causes Hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is caused by overproduction of melanin which in turn causes the formation of dark spots on […]

11 Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Nobody likes the “C” word. Cancer is the scariest disease out there but if you catch it early, you have a big chance of survival. Obviously, some of the symptoms associated with the disease can also be contributed to other minor illnesses but it’s ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry and get yourself checked […]

Fibromyalgia Last-stage pain symptoms that cause many health risks

Fibromyalgia is a confusing and widely misunderstood condition characterized by widespread pain and tenderness, accompanied by fatigue, sleep disorders, memory problems and gastrointestinal problems. Because the range of possible symptoms is so extensive (and there is no clear consensus on how the disorder can be diagnosed), many feel lost about what they are and what needs […]

Foot Pain Symptoms and Causes in Fibromyalgia

By Adrienne Dellwo | Medically reviewed by Grant Hughes, MD Does fibromyalgia cause foot pain? Certainly, with this condition, pain can hit anywhere, at any intensity, at any time. Several studies show that people with fibromyalgia (fibromites) have more foot pain than other people. Foot Pain Symptoms While all kinds of pain are unpleasant, some have a […]

7 Common Symptoms of Leukemia in Children

What is leukemia? Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells. Blood cells and platelets are produced in the bone marrow. In leukemia, some new white blood cells (WBCs) fail to mature properly. These immature cells continue to reproduce at a rapid rate, crowding out healthy cells and producing a host of symptoms. Leukemia is the […]

Fatal Symptoms Of HIV That You Never Heard Before

Symptoms of HIV can vary between individuals however the first signs of infection generally appear within the first 1-2 months. Many, but not all, people will experience severe flu-like symptoms which is your body’s natural response to the virus. This is called the ‘seroconversion’ period. It’s during this time that it’s crucial to identify if […]

26 Symptoms of Invisible Fibromyalgia You simply can not ignore, I have all but one. What have you?

Fibromyalgia affects more than 5 million people in the US UU., And the amount is increasing. There are many uncomfortable symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is an invisible disease because people can not see how they are suffering from the disease. In general, fibromyalgia is a very serious disease in patients whose symptoms must be known. Pain […]

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