Lady Gaga Breaks Down Discussing Fibromyalgia.

The singer and actress is currently headlining A Star Is Born in theaters, and she took some time to receive the award, wearing an oversized “power suit” from designer Marc Jacob’s Spring 2019 collection. It was the choice of the suit itself, which she wore instead of a traditional gown, that turned so many heads and was […]

16 Things People With Chronic Pain Wanna Tell You

By:Dianna Labrien It’s not just in our head. The pain is there and always would be even if there is no apparent reason for it. Our pain is real and will not just go away after we take some pills for a week or two. It would always be there and we have learned to live […]

The Side Effects of Chronic Pain No One Talks About

It’s normal to talk about the side effects that everyone can see, but what about the side effects that aren’t seen? The ones nobody dare ask because they are afraid of the answer (and then wish they hadn’t asked the question). chronic pain is an invisible illness and this means hidden side effects. Firstly, and […]

6 Best Fibromyalgia Pain Killers

Drugs Tablets Pain Medication Pills Headache Of primary concern for sufferers of fibromyalgia, of course, is the issue of pain killers and which are going to be most effective for your pain. There are different symptoms of the syndrome, but pain is the most pertinent condition. Effective pain relief can come from over-the-counter, prescription drugs […]

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